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Let's take a break from the hustle and bustle of professional real estate photography and catch up on some recent developments from the HDPhotoHub team. Get ready for some good news!

Updated 6/05/24

Product Upsells

Our new Upsell Modals enable you to promote your services using pop-ups with various configuration options. Whether you want to upsell a video walkthrough with every photo order or encourage your clients to check out your aerial video services, you can achieve it all.

Check out our Help Article to learn more >>

Gold Package Example.png

New & Improved Packages

Great news! Your HDPhotoHub shopping cart now has a new feature that allows you to create Packages and Package Products. This feature enables you to bundle your existing services, making it easier for you to showcase your recommended services while increasing your average order value. 

Check out our Help Article to learn more >>

abandoned cart web graphic.png

Abandoned Cart Report

You can now see who started an order but still needs to check out. This data can be found in the 'Reports' tab of your account and even includes the agent contact details!

Check out our Help Article to learn more >>


Cart Configuration Options

We have introduced new cart configuration options to give you more control over the styling of your HDPH Shopping Cart!


New configuration options include additional color controls, font choice and sizing, product category dividers, and even images for filter selections.


Real-time Rescheduling

You can now reschedule appointments from the Site Summary page with real-time availability!


Click the calendar icon to the right of the current appointment date/time, and you will be taken to the Reschedule Page to reschedule the appointment!

Check out our Help Article to learn more >>

Did You Know?

Custom Marketing Kit Graphics

With the HDPhotoHub Visual Media Editor, you can create customized flyers, social media tiles, and reel graphics for your Marketing Kit. You can tailor your materials to specific clients or offices, providing brand-specific content for your customers. This is a great way to create unique and professional marketing materials that show off your excellent media services.

Check out the video tutorial here >

The HDPH Product Enhancement Philosophy

The HDPhotoHub user community is key when it comes to identifying valuable product updates. CEO Herb Dierks shares exactly how the team prioritizes new feature work in our latest HDPhotoHub Direct.

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