25 Alaskas LnMaggie Valley, NC

If your senses need rejuvenating, ease into the slow pace of Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

Surrounded by panoramic views from the Great Smoky Mountains, even a trip to the local grocery store is a wonder to behold.

But, don’t be in a hurry here, as folks come to unwind and relax. Happiness abounds in this beautiful valley, where a safe warm lodge awaits you…The Lodge – 25 Alaskas Lane.

As you drink your morning coffee, don’t be surprised to see a parade of wild elk slowly moving through the neighborhood.

At sunset, with a lawn chair, you can see the elk come down from the mountain to graze on the green fields right beside Prescott Park, the best place in the valley to observe these incredible animals.

The Lodge is located in a safe, quiet, adult mountain community with high quality and furnishings, beautiful landscaping as well as stone-work and wood carvings by well-known local artists